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My Story!

3.21 Salads was built from the ground up from a special relationship I had with my Grampa Andy. When I would make him one of his favorite salads he would always say “Marie, you make the best salads you should open a restaurant!” I took his advice and in 2018 purchased an RV and with the help of my family transformed it into a food truck. The truck was so well received that in 2019 I took the plunge and opened a brick and mortar!   

I have been asked frequently what the numbers on the menu represent?

Each number or name represents someone or something special to me, it makes the menu unique and fun. The other thing it does is jog my memory as to the ingredients of the item by what family member it represents. You see a while back I had a brain tumor removed and thankfully I am ok! This left me with a little memory loss and the number trick helps with that.

You see I believe in never quitting and never saying you can’t do something! I have had many inspirations in my life and I hope in turn to inspire someone else. After all if we share our good vibes the world will be a better place!

Kaitlyn Marie Anderson 

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