81 East Bridge Street Oswego, NY 13126 (315) 216-6040 3.21salads@gmail.com Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm ** Saturday - Closed ** Sunday - Closed ** Food Truck by Appointment

My Story!

A little history of 3.21 Salads. 3.21 is the birthday of my Grampa Andy who passed away. Every salad number or name on the menu represents a significant person or event in my life. These names and numbers help to jog my short term memory as to what ingredient goes into each item. In 2013 I had a brain tumor removed and sometimes my short term memory tries to lose me!

Before he passed away my Grampa used to tell me “Marie” (that’s what only he called me) “you make the best salads you should go into business.” And that is exactly what i did! What started out in a big green food truck, has now added a second location as a sit down restaurant.

I hope you enjoy the healthier choice that I am trying to provide as well as share a little piece of my Grampa, myself and a really good vibe!

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